MeetMe: Audio Conference Calls Made Easy

Today’s mobile workforce demands conference call services that are easy-to-use and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice. Many third-party web conferencing services just take too much time to set-up and use with complicated scheduling tools and different access numbers for every call, especially challenging for on-the-go users. Sweet UC’s Kandy MeetMe Conferencing is a breadth of fresh air; every user gets their own dedicated access code that is always ready to use – no scheduling steps, no rotating access numbers. It is tightly integrated into all Sweet UC Kandy clients so moderators can see who is joining and leaving their call; no distracting announcements, no unannounced listeners.

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On Demand Audio Conferencing

Sweet UC’s Kandy MeetMe Conferencing provides reservation-less conferences; users are assigned a consistent bridge number and passcode that they can use to instantly enable anyone to call-in for an ad-hoc conference.


Tightly Integrated Into All Kandy Clients

Easily access MeetMe conferencing from any Kandy client to deliver advanced conferencing features including: IM notifications of participant status, current speaker video, instant messaging and call recording.


Meeting Broadcasts

Combine Smart Office Screen Share and MeetMe Conferencing to provide a cost-effective alternative to other meeting broadcast services, without having to buy a pricey 3rd party solution.


MeetMe Integration

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