It’s easy to set up Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams with Skyway West. Follow the step-by-step instructions below…

1. Browse to, log in with user that has global admin…

Open 365

2. Click Admin

Click Admin

3. Click Show all

4. Click Settings

5. Click Domains

6. Click Add domain

7. Enter the domain name you were assigned by Skyway West, replacing “example”— — and then click the “Use this domain” button

8. Click More options

9. Select add your own DNS records and then click Continue

10. More options: If selected, uncheck Exchange, Skype & Intune, then click Continue

11. Verify: Select “Add a TXT record to the domain’s DNS records” and click Continue

12. Select all 3 values TXT name, TXT value, TTL copy and paste them into an email and send to support [at] with the Subject line “Teams trunk setup ATTN:VoIP provisioning” (If you click on the paper icons to the right the text will copy into your clipboard)

13. Close out by clicking “Verify” (image above). At this point Verify will fail. Once Skyway has acknowledged the entries have been made return to the Domains page. Double click on the new domain you created and this time click Verify. Below is an example of a failed attempt, keep trying the verification process until it succeeds. (This can sometimes take a few hours)

14. Success! Below is a successful Domain registration

15. Advise support [at] with the Subject line “Teams trunk Domain setup completed ATTN:VoIP provisioning” once your domain has successfully been added. Skyway will set up your SIP trunk and advise on the next steps.