Top Ten Reasons to Choose Skyway Kandy UC

#1 Reason: Smart Office, an Intuitive Collaboration Experience

2. Kandy UC Web Portal

Ease of use… Your central dashboard, the Web Portal allows access and control over advanced applications, and includes features like an inclusive call directory, call logs, conference management, voice mail management, call routing and more.

3. Call Grabber

Take your call with you… Call Grabber enables users to seamlessly switch live calls between devices or clients. One click and the call is grabbed from a desk phone and transferred to the mobile app, quickly and seamlessly. Easily grab the call back again on your desk or other UC client.

4. Personalized Call Routing

Improve your customer experience… Calls answered promptly, by the right person. Ensure customer satisfaction with Kandy’s customizable Personal Call Routing. Plus the Find Me/Follow Me feature sends incoming calls to multiple devices before going to Voice Mail. Never miss a call again!all routing and more.

5. Laptop, Phone, Tablet Clients

True mobility…Your office is in your pocket with your office number and collaboration services accessible from an easy-to-use app for
your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Ideal for on-the-go sales staff or professionals who like to protect their personal mobile number.


6. Voicemail/Email Connection

Never miss an important message… Responding to voicemails efficiently is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. Never miss an important voice message while you’re wading through email: Kandy UC voicemail/email integration sends WAV files – along with time stamps, caller ID, and other personalized information – straight to your Inbox.

7. Advanced Conferencing

Teamwork without travel!…Teamwork and collaboration are key to business, and remote workers are essential to a modern workforce. We offer 3 levels of conferencing: MeetMe Audio Conferencing, Smart Office Screen Share, and Smart Office Video Collaboration. All you need is a browser!


8. Presence & Instant Messaging

Stop playing tag… We often peak at our colleagues across the hall to see if they’re available to chat or answer a question. But when they’re across the country, or out-of country? Presence lets you know when your co-workers are available — and save even more precious time with company IM!

9. Call Filtering

Decrease stress, save time… Telemarketers, fraudsters, and other unwanted callers waste company time and open your business to risk. Block non-legitimate calls with our filtering feature which identifies and filters incoming calls based on name, area code and phone number.

10. Integration

Work seamlessly… Along with turn-key cloud UC services such as PBX, Mobility and Collaboration, Kandy UC has developed embedded voice, video and all things RTC within applications. Advanced solutions already allow you to leverage HTML5 and WebRTC to integrate with Microsoft, Google & IBM Connections and Sametime.

Bonus: Kandy Wrappers

Connect your website visitors via video directly to your sales agents via web browser (WebRTC)… Pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that can be used on their own or embedded in websites or applications to add RTC capabilities, Kandy Wrappers significantly reduce implementation effort and costs. Visit:

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