Easy Collaboration with Sweet UC

The flip side of the new, mobile workforce is that it is getting harder and harder to get together to share information and make important business decisions. Powered by Kandy, Skyway Sweet UC includes simple tools that allow real time collaboration on a number of levels with coworkers, partners and clients: from instant messaging, presence and unified contact directories across all devices to MeetMe audio and SmartOffice video conferencing.

Skyway Sweet UC will help you get more done in less time.

Smart Office: an Intuitive Collaboration Experience

Sweet UC Collaboration Tools

Smart Office Collaboration

Smart Office Video Collaboration lets participants get engaged and stay engaged from anywhere. Smart Office Collaboration Rooms offer HD multi-party video conferencing and screen share is available to anyone with a web browser. Connect from the office or from the road. 94% of businesses using video collaboration report an increase in productivity.

Smart Office Screen Share

Users have a personal room to hold on-line meetings and share content with one colleague or many. — no need to pay for a pricey specialty service that charges per user or per minute. Instantly launch Screen Sharing from a Sweet UC Kandy client or send out a calendar invite to co-workers and guests with no schedule to manage or special meeting passwords. It’s easy to send a Smart Office web link and audio conference access.

MeetMe Audio Conferencing

Just need traditional audio conferencing? Sweet UC’s Kandy MeetMe Conferencing gives every user their own dedicated access code that is always ready to use – no scheduling steps, no rotating access numbers. Better yet, MeetMe is tightly integrated into all Kandy clients so moderators can see who is joining and leaving their call — no distracting announcements, no unannounced listeners. It’s that easy.

Stay Connected and Get More Done
With Presence and Instant Messaging

Your team is on the go so it’s not always easy to stay connected. Your customers won’t wait for e-mail or voice mail, it’s a good thing Sweet UC offers Kandy communication clients for all your favorite devices; find your team and let them find you. Presence is reported across devices so you can work from anywhere and still be connected; see who is available, on the phone, out of the office or offline. Use Instant Messaging, voice or video to get connected and be responsive.

Real-Time Presence Information

Sweet UC’s Kandy clients and apps can help your organization reduce delays and increase productivity by providing real-time presence information of users. By seeing if their colleagues are “Available”, “On the Phone”, “Out of the Office”, or “Offline” users can take the most effective approach to contacting them.

Have a Quick Chat with Instant Messaging

Sometimes users need to ask each other quick time-sensitive questions but don’t want to risk getting lost in an email or voicemail black hole. Other times users need a clear back channel to communicate to share information without interrupting a phone call. Kandy’s desktop, smartphone, and tablet clients not only provide quality communications, directory services, and presence information, but also allow users to instant message quickly and easily.


IM Presence