Business Class IP Phones

Leverage the power and flexibility of our Cloud Unified Communications service on a wide variety of industry standard, SIP-based business-phones. Unlike some of our competition, we don’t try to lock you in with proprietary hardware or costly licenses; simply choose a SIP-based phone that meets the needs of each member of your team. Select the right device for each work environment: a speakerphone in the conference room, an attendant console for the receptionist, or a video enabled display phone for an executive. No matter what phone you choose, you will have a powerful communication and collaboration tool.

Polycom Phones


Polycom desktop solutions bring lifelike voice and video to every user in your organization – offering a full range of standards-based SIP endpoints that make communications more productive and more reliable. We have a strong partnership with Polycom, tightly integrating our service with their hardware to provide a superior user and deployment experience.

Supporting Many Phones

Standards-based SIP call control is compatible with hundreds of brands and models of phones. We simply can’t test every brand or model, we focus our interoperability guides on the most popular brands and models. However, we are testing new phones with the service every day. Have a specific phone that is not shown below? Contact us and we’ll let you know if we tried it ourselves.

Kandy UC Supports many phone brands