Microsoft Integration: Skype for Business (Lync)

Cloud-based Voice and Video for Skype and Lync

The RTC client for Skype for Business (Lync) blends together the best of Microsoft Skype/Lync’s IM, Presence and Directory Access with the reliability and scale of Kandy Business’ voice, video and collaboration solutions. Kandy Business delivers the UC services knowledge workers expect along with the traditional telephony features task workers need.

Better yet, the clients are built on Ribbon’s new Omni client technology that uses an HTML5 client core with platform specific WebRTC-based agents. Omni clients look like a rich application to the user but deploy like a web client for the IT professional.

  • Maintain the features and reliability of a traditional PBX
  • Add PSTN Access without the cost of new Microsoft licensing – no premium CALs or E5 required
  • Dramatically reduce the complexity of Lync deployments – no new servers or gateways – clients use WebRTC and a browser on many devices/platforms
  • Enable the use of hosted UC platform (Kandy Business) with premise-based Lync
  • Integrate with legacy TDM or standards-based SIP phones
  • Integrate with other third party applications
Skype for Business

Sweet UC Integrates with Outlook Too!

Powered by Kandy, Sweet UC seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s Outlook: use Outlook to invite participants from anywhere — inside or outside your organization — when using Smart Office collaboration. As well, the latest version of the Windows softphone client has an Outlook plugin offering click-to-dial from within the Outlook 2016 application.

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Cloud PBX Services Integrated in Skype

Real PBX Features

No need to sacrifice legacy services like Call Park

Mac Friendly

Mac users get the exact same features and UI

Lightweight Omni Client

Ideal for large-scale deployments in branch offices

No Need to Retrain

Familiar user experience for Skype/Lync users

Office Presence Integration

See co-workers presence and status from other Office apps


No E5 License Required

Makes it much more cost effective

Voice/Video for Skype for Business

Learn more about saving time and money adding voice/video to Skype for Business (Lync)

Cost Effective Integrate into Skype/Lync’s Directory and Presence Services

For the first time, enterprises have a cost effective solution to integrate Skype/Lync’s powerful directory and presence services with cloud-based voice, video and collaboration. Employees can maintain a familiar user experience and gain the real time productivity tools they need. There’s no need to buy premium Microsoft cloud licenses or pay for major system integration efforts. Kandy Business’ Real Time Client (RTC) uses an advanced, HTML5-based interface that is less expensive to deploy than traditional Windows clients and delivers the same experience for Mac users or virtual desktops (VDI).

Kandy Business’ RTC for Skype looks and feels like a traditional Lync application even though it uses an innovative HMTL5-basedweb architecture (Omni Technology) – making it accessible from any WebRTC compliant browser and virtually any device – including virtual desktops. Existing Skype/Lync users will hardly know the difference so there is no need to retrain them. The WebRTC architecture makes it more cost effective to deliver unified communications services to more users. IT organizations are no longer required to install and maintain different applications for different operating systems and devices.

Kandy Lync Skype Diagram