Integrate Sweet UC with Salesforce

Add Sweet UC’s Kandy Voice and Video to Salesforce

Salesforce (SFDC) is a critical business application in many organizations – its scope has expanded to the point where it is often employees’ primary work environment. Why not make that time more productive by integrating voice and video?

Kandy Business delivers a Real Time Communications Client for Salesforce to make it easy for SFDC users to receive and make calls from inside their SFDC web application. Not only does it save time (no need to look up contacts and dial), it offers integrated activity tracking. Every conversation, outbound and inbound appears in the contact/account record.

  • No wasted time manually tracking activities or updating a contact’s record
  • Managers can correlate how customer engagement activities drive results
  • Sales teams can focus on selling rather than wasting cycles on administrivia
  • Supports inbound and outbound calls
  • One-touch access from contact records
  • Easily invite customers to a video call (via link in e-mail)
Salesforce Screen

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Real Time Communications for Salesforce – Features

Inbound Screen Pop

Incoming call look up with screen pop


Auto Call Logging

Log activity automatically in customer contact record


Memo and Contact Updates

Quickly update records and make notes

Schedule Video Calls

Send e-mail invites to schedule a video conference

Multi-call Management

Manage multiple calls from client

Simple Call Control

Client includes basic call management

Voice and Video in Salesforce: A Value Proposition

Learn to leverage your enterprise identity.