Work Anywhere on Any Device

Desktop Phones and a Kandy Client for All Your Devices

Consolidated SIP Devices

With Sweet UC, you can have one number for multiple SIP devices. Whether it is on mobile or desktop, you can have access to your business directory. And Kandy Call Grabber allows you to pick up your call wherever you go, from any SIP device.

Desktop IP Phones

Enjoy the traditional features of a business phone with the cost-effectiveness of the cloud. Kandy supports virtually any SIP or UNISTIM desktop phone.

Smartphone Clients

Put your office in your pocket. Your office number and collaboration services in an easy-to-use app for your smartphone. Ideal for on the go sales staff or professionals that need to protect their personal mobile number.

Tablet Clients

iPads, and Android Tablets are becoming the device of choice for road warriors. Kandy offers a powerful combination of voice and collaboration tools to keeping tablet users productive.

PCs and Macs

Complement or replace a desktop phone with a sophisticated softphone experience.

Web Browsers

Use a dedicated client or just a web browser. Kandy supports the latest WebRTC technology to eliminate fussy plug-ins.

Take the Office With You

Business Class IP Phones

Leverage the power and flexibility of the Sweet Cloud Unified Communications (powered by Kandy) service on a wide variety of industry standard, SIP-based business-phones. Unlike some of our competition, Kandy doesn’t try to lock you in with proprietary hardware or costly licenses; simply choose a SIP-based phone that meets the needs of each member of your team. Select the right device for each work environment: a speakerphone in the conference room, an attendant console for the receptionist, or a video enabled display phone for an executive. No matter what phone you choose, Kandy will make it a powerful communication and collaboration tool.


Smartphone Apps for iOS and Android

The demand for mobile enterprise communications is growing at record speeds as more of the workforce is working on the go or from remote offices. It’s hard for organizations to keep these users connected, to provide quality phone services, and deliver advanced collaborative tools. Kandy solves this communication gap by giving organizations the ability to deliver feature-rich telephone and unified communications services directly to smartphone VoIP apps over Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE.


Tablet Apps for Windows, Apple, and Android

The mobile revolution is evolving the way that organizations work. Productivity and cloud-based applications have turned tablets into portable offices, which is great for mobility but how do users bring their desktop phone with them? The answer is Sweet UC’s Kandy. Kandy ports all of the power of a desktop phone system into an easy to use application that also delivers HD audio & video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing.


Softphone Clients: Phone and UC Services without the Desk Phone

Kandy PC and Mac clients can replace or complement a traditional business phone. Use them in the office, in a home office or on the road; anywhere you have your computer and internet access you have a complete unified communications experience (an office VPN connection is not required). Find co-workers using the built-in corporate directory, see their presence status, send/receive instant messages and make/receive voice and video calls. Use the computers built-in microphone and speakers or use a headset for hands free operation. The client shares your business phone number, even if you also have a desk phone and/or a mobile client. The Windows client also includes a communication toolbar for Outlook and is supported on Windows tablets with touchscreen interfaces.


Web RTC Client: Unified Communications with Just a Web Browser

Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) is the web’s hottest communications technology, driven by Internet powerhouses like Google and Mozilla (Firefox). Kandy leverages this innovation via to bring our UC services to the billions of devices that already support a WebRTC compliant web browser. Just browse to our website and enter your Kandy credentials, in seconds your Kandy communication services are connected.

Make and receive voice/video calls from your office number, search the company directory, see a co-worker’s presence status and send instant messages. With Kandy and WebRTC technology you’ll feel like you are using a separate application but it is simply a web page. You’re used to logging into to e-mail from anywhere – now the same concept is applied to the rest of your office communications.


UC Client Choices – Our Clients or Yours

Sweet UC (powered by Kandy)  delivers more than just technology, it delivers experiences. That’s why we’ve created a portfolio of UC clients that include Kandy’s UC services. Whether it’s a Smart Office Client that provides a complete Kandy experience or a mash-up of familiar user experiences from IBM, Microsoft, Google or Salesforce. There’s no reason an organization has to retrain all of its users to add UC services. And of course these same experiences can be embedded into almost any modern web or mobile application.