Mobility Feature Spotlight

UC Features like Call Grabber make it easy to work on the go
One Number

One Phone Number Simplicity

Call Grabber

Call Grabber – Take Your Call With You

Meet Me

MeetMe Conference Integration

One Directory

One Business Directory with Presence & Instant Messaging

Call Grabber

We have all been in the situation where we are on a phone call at our desk but needed to leave and either had to leave the call, missing important information or had to be late for the next appointment. Call Grabber lets users take the call with them. One click on the Kandy mobile app tells Kandy to grab the call from the desk phone and transfer it to Kandy mobile client quickly and seamlessly. You can also just as easily grab the call again from your desk phone or other Sweet UC Kandy client.

Call Grabber Demo

One Phone Number Simplicity:

With Sweet UC’s Kandy, users have just one phone number that can be simultaneously used by a desktop phone, smartphone and tablet apps, PC & Mac Clents, as well as Browser WebRTC  – simplifying the calling experience and keeping mobile numbers private.

MeetMe Conference Integration:

The Kandy mobile apps are integrated with the Kandy MeetMe conferencing service. Anytime you host a call you’ll see the names or caller-ID of each participant that joins (or leaves) the conference. You’ll never wonder if someone is quietly listening in or waste time taking a roll call or find out that “Bob” has dropped only after calling his name five times.

One Business Directory with Presence & Instant Messaging

Kandy provides users the ability to search a single business directory that provides presence and instant messaging. Easily see who is online, on the phone, away, or offline. It is built into each Kandy smartphone apps and makes it easy to see everyone’s status and with one touch send them an instant message or make an audio or video call.


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