As of mid-December, 2016, all dates are tentative:
1. The current Gencom client for Windows (10.4.14) will work with anything lower than Outlook 2016. Which means that it will allow you to click to dial from outlook.

2. The new release on Gencom (10.4.16) which is expected in Jan. will allow click to dial from Outlook 2016.

3. The Omni clients are expected to be released in Q1 of 2017 , this is the WebRTC client which will allow integration with Skype and Lync for presence purposes. But it will have the following limitations: No blind transfer but can do consultative transfers, no message waiting indication, No call park, no call pick up

4. As for the Visual Attendant which is the widget that shows up on a website to make a call is still on hold. We are awaiting updates from Genband on a few minor fixes but we should see this available in the portal as of January.